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Rock Em Sock em tattoo

Mark Kotula

Mark has been tattooing since mid 2000 and loves every day of it. He enjoys doing a lot of Neo~Traditional style, Hot Rod, Pin~ups and anything challenging to push it to the next level. As always, feel free to stop by the shop to see his full portfolio and art work. He also does some traditional pinstriping, Water color, air brush, acrylics and always has some art hanging in the shop. Feel free to check out Mark's personal page HERE.


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Racing skull tattoo
Close up skull tattoo Charlotte NC
Traditional racing Heart
Sailor Jerry Flash pin up
traditional piston tattoo
Sailor Jerry flash
Celtic Knot tattoos
Sailor Jerry pin up
8 mega pixel heart
Sailor's tattoo
Pirate tattoos
Traditional Owl Tattoo
Hot Rod tattoo, pin up art
Tugboat tattoo, NoDa NC
Charlotte NC, heart Tattoo
Girl's traditional tattoo sleeve
Traditional cock tattoos
Viking tattoo, Charlotte North Carolina
NoDa arts
Traditional panther tattoo
Charlotte NC Tattoo shop
Lighthouse Tattoo
Day of the dead Tattoo
Gremlins tattoo
510 Expert Tattoo
Garbage Pail Kids Tattoo
Three eyed Gypsy Tattoo

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